Her Engagement Ring Is A Family Heirloom From Her Ex-Husband’s Family, And Now He Wants It Back

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Breakups and divorces are far from easy, especially when it comes down to dividing who will get to keep what items from the relationship.

One woman had a surprisingly smooth divorce from her ex-husband and had no problem maintaining a healthy relationship with him. That is until they started arguing about the engagement ring he gave her. 

She is 35-years-old and was married to her ex-husband for ten years. They got divorced three years ago but have stayed in touch because they have a five-year-old son together. 

“Our divorce wasn’t messy,” she explained. “No one cheated, and we agreed on everything when we divorced. We co-parent our son, and he’s an active father.”

Her ex-husband has a new girlfriend. Thankfully, she and her son both get along with her. She’s invited his girlfriend over for special events and family holidays.

Recently, her ex and his girlfriend had a baby girl together, and everyone in their family was so excited. 

She still has the engagement ring her ex-husband gave her when he proposed. It’s a special family heirloom of his, but they agreed that she would hang onto it until her son was old enough to get married. Then, he could use it to propose to his future partner. 

Their plan for the engagement ring was written into their divorce agreement, making it official. However, her ex-husband suddenly wants to switch things up.

Her ex-husband recently sat her down and asked her to give him back the engagement ring. He wants to pass the ring down to his daughter instead of their son and said that because the ring is his family heirloom, giving it to his daughter would ensure it would “stay in the family.”

Graphicroyalty – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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