Her Friend Has Been Obviously Flirting With Her Husband A Little Too Much, And It’s Starting To Bother Her

chika_milan-, illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Have you ever had a friend disrespect your boundaries, especially regarding your relationships?

One woman has a friend who has been obviously flirting with her husband a little too much, and it’s starting to bother her.

Her husband is 42 years old, and her friend is 39. She’s known this friend for a long time, and now they’re both married with kids. Unfortunately, she knows her friend has had some issues with her relationship.

A year and a half ago, her friend flat-out told her she had a crush on her husband.

“I didn’t want to be a jerk about it, so I didn’t react at all,” she remembered.

Not long ago, she went on a group vacation with her family and her friend’s family. Conveniently, her friend’s husband didn’t go. For the entire vacation, her friend was weirdly combative with her and outwardly flirted with her husband. One morning, her friend complimented him on his looks in front of everyone.

Since that vacation, she hasn’t been hanging out with her friend as much anymore. However, their kids are involved in the same activities, so she’s forced to see her here and there. When she sees her friend with her husband, her friend sticks to him “like a magnet.”

They could all be standing within a group, and her friend will talk to her husband like he’s the only person in the room.

“Her eyes will stay glued to him as if I’m not there,” she explained.

chika_milan-, illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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