Her Friend Recently Had An Outburst Over Feeling Excluded Because She Can’t Bring Her Kids To Her House For Get-Togethers

juripozzi-, illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Watching your friends get older and start to get married and have babies is pretty crazy. It’s also a little sad, as when friends begin having families, there’s usually a chance that you’ll start seeing them less than usual.

One woman’s friend recently had an outburst over feeling excluded because she can’t bring her kids to her house for get-togethers. 

She’s in her mid-20s and is still close with six friends from high school. They’ve all kept in touch over the years and have formed a social circle, including each other’s significant others. One of her friends is named Jessica, who had two kids at a young age and is a single mom.

When it comes to having gatherings, she’s the only person in the friend group that can have people over. This is because she and her husband have a decent-sized home, while everyone else has some sort of conflict that gets in the way of them accommodating everyone.

She usually invites her friends over around 7:00 pm when everyone is off of work. However, she also has a rule at her house – no kids allowed. She’s not a big fan of kids in general, and her dog is very afraid of kids and growls at them after having his tail pulled one too many times by her nephew.

This means that Jessica has to find a sitter for her kids anytime she wants to go over since their dads are not in the picture.

Last weekend, she and her husband hosted a dinnertime barbecue. Jessica asked if she could bring her kids because she couldn’t afford a babysitter.

“I said no, because of my dog and also because I don’t want her baby and toddler at my house,” she explained.

“The last time she brought them, she kept trying to push them off on other people who didn’t want to hold them so she could relax.”

juripozzi-, illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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