Her Grandma Recently Revealed That Her Late Grandfather Had A Mistress For 7 Years, And Now She Isn’t Sure How To Cope With Knowing That Secret

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A couple of weeks ago, this 30-year-old woman was hanging out with her grandma, who is 87. And after a while, the pair started talking about people her grandma and late grandfather– who passed away two years ago at 90 years old– used to know back in the day.

During that conversation, she recalled how her grandma suddenly asked her a random question. Apparently, her grandma wanted to know if she would be able to locate someone on the internet.

At that point, she was intrigued and asked her grandma for a little background information. Afterward, her grandma opened up, and she learned some shocking details about her grandfather’s past.

Her grandma wound up revealing how she was searching for a woman who just so happened to be her grandfather’s mistress for seven years. And for some time during her grandfather’s affair, her grandma had been pregnant with her mother.

The most surprising thing she learned about her grandfather’s affair, though, was that her grandma was aware of the cheating for nearly the entire time!

Plus, her grandfather even allowed his mistress to choose her mother’s name after she was born. And it appears that her mom and aunt met the mistress, named Rose, during their childhood.

“My mom and aunt even remember ‘Aunt Rose’ because she was a ‘friend of the family who played the guitar and sang with them when she came home,'” she revealed.

“But they know nothing about the truth.”

And honestly, she did not really want to know everything that her grandma ended up sharing with her. But, it became clear that her grandma really needed to talk to someone about the affair. So, she tried to lend an ear and be there.

pikselstock – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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