Her Lemonade Recipe Tastes Just Like It Came From A State Fair, And Here’s How To Recreate It

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Lemonade is one of the highlights of the state fair. But it’s still going to be a bit before we can get a taste of the beverage that just screams summertime at any state fair.

TikToker @half_batch_baking has the best lemonade recipe that will instantly conjure up memories of the state fair after you take just one sip.

You don’t have to wait any longer to gulp down the best lemonade ever!

Start by cutting three lemons into quarters. This will make two cups of lemonade. Double the recipe for more of the refreshing drink.

Place the lemon slices in a bowl and smash them using a muddler or the back end of a wooden spoon.

You can also use a potato masher! So there is no lack of tools you can use to press the lemons down enough to ensure that no juice is wasted.

“Lemon peels offer more concentrated lemon flavor and fragrance compared to just the juice of the lemon,” explained the TikToker.

Then, pour one-third a cup of sugar over the lemons and cover the bowl. If you like a sweeter lemonade, add half a cup of sugar instead.

Let the lemons sit in the sugar for at least two hours. The sugar will help draw out the water and leave a very concentrated lemony flavor.

Li Ding – – illustrative purposes only

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