Her Sister Has Always Been Jealous Of Her Relationship With Her Cousin And She Recently Had To Call Her Out On It

If you grew up with siblings and cousins, was there ever a cousin that you didn’t want to ‘share’ with your sibling?

One woman’s older sister has always been jealous of her close relationship with her cousin, and she recently had to call her out on her jealousy.

She’s 26 years old, and her sister is 27. They were never very close growing up but always tried to be civil. However, her sister has always gotten very worked up over one matter.

They have a cousin named Beth, who is her sister’s age. They love Beth, but her sister has always been a little “too intense” towards her. Her sister always wanted to be closer to Beth and would do whatever she could to make Beth more like her best friend than her cousin. 

For instance, they went to the same school, and her sister requested changes to her class schedule every year so she could be in the same classes as Beth. In addition, her sister always wanted Beth over at their house, wanted to be in the same extracurriculars as her, etc.

Despite her sister’s intense efforts, Beth was always closer to her instead. 

“Beth and I got along really well,” she said.

“My sister used to hate it and would insert herself into everything and attempt to push me out. More recently, she invited Beth to be there when she had my nephew.”

She and her sister recently had babies four days apart from each other. She had a baby girl named Lyric, and her sister had a son named George. When she announced her daughter’s name on social media, Beth commented how much she loved it.

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