Her Sister-In-Law Has Been Demanding That She Share A Dessert Recipe From Their Late Mother-In-Law, But She’s Not Willing To Hand The Recipe Over

Mariia Korneeva - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This woman really did adore her mother-in-law, and sadly, her mother-in-law passed away not that long ago.

Her mother-in-law was a wonderful chef and had a couple of very special recipes for dishes that she would always make for their family get-togethers.

One thing her mother-in-law always made was a super amazing dessert. She had asked her mother-in-law for this dessert recipe over the years, but her mother-in-law always refused to share the recipe with her.

That all changed, though, right before her mother-in-law passed away; she actually gave her this dessert recipe and all the other recipes for her incredible and unique dishes.

Following her mother-in-law’s funeral, she held a repast meal, and she made every single one of her mother-in-law’s dishes for their loved ones to enjoy.

Aside from the repast meal, she has made her mother-in-law’s dessert recipe on one other occasion to bring to an event her sister-in-law put together.

“My SIL loves the dessert,” she explained. “She keeps calling it “her dessert” and demanding I share the recipe with her every time we see each other.”

“I feel like if MIL wanted her to have it, she would have shared it with her, and the fact that she’s already claiming the dessert as her own instead of calling it the name MIL assigned to it is disrespectful to her memory.”

“MIL did not specifically mention whether or not she was ok with me sharing said recipes. She did also share the recipes with my stepdaughter (15) and one other grandchild (19). Both agree that I should not share the recipes with SIL. My husband thinks I’m being a little petty, and it’s not something I should start a family feud over.”

Mariia Korneeva – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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