Her Sister Makes Her Husband Uncomfortable Every Time She Visits, So She Finally Went Off On Her Sister For Not Respecting Him

“He doesn’t like to say anything and tells me it doesn’t bother him. But, he visibly just about jumps out of his skin every time,” she said.

“It makes him not want to [converse] or be around us. She just kind of overwhelms him into standing in the back of the room in silence.”

She’s tried asking her sister to ease up on her husband, but she always says he’s acting shy and will get over it. It’s been four years, and her husband still doesn’t like the touching. Things have gotten so bad that her husband has started sitting in a different room whenever her family comes over. 

Her frustration eventually boiled over, and she texted her sister, telling her that if she didn’t start keeping her hands to herself, she wasn’t allowed over anymore.

Her sister called her crying and said she was only trying to make her husband feel like part of their family before hanging up. Then, her mom called and told her they were both immature and that she was making too big of a deal out of the entire situation.

Her mom and sister have been making her so stressed that she decided to stop answering their texts and calls for a while.

“My husband feels terrible and thinks this stupid argument is all his fault,” she added.

“I still think I should have said something, but it feels like I just made everything worse.”

Was she right to tell her sister to keep her hands to herself, or did she cause too much drama?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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