Her Son Cheated On His Ex-Wife And Then Took Their Family Dog To Punish His Family Further, So She Gave The Dog Back To Her Son’s Ex

jozzeppe777 - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This fifty-five-year-old woman has three children, and her two daughters are doing great in life. The oldest just got married to a wonderful guy, and her youngest is currently in graduate school overseas.

Unfortunately, though, her son Carlos is still acting like a child at twenty-five years old.

According to her, Carlos has been a hot-headed handful his entire life. He got married when he was just twenty to a woman who already had a three-year-old daughter. Then, Carlos and his wife went on to have another child, who is now two.

Then, COVID-19 hit and really caused Carlos a lot of stress– especially because his job requires him to travel constantly, so he is always gone for two weeks at a time every month.

And during that time, he made a massive mistake that totally blew up his marriage.

“Carlos cheated on his wife with a coworker. I am not judging him; I am not perfect. But he chose to leave his wife and children,” she explained.

In fact, her son not only left his family, but he moved back home with her– his mother. And at first, she was pretty understanding, given the circumstances.

After all, Carlos is only home for about two weeks each month, so she knew it did not really make sense for him to rent an apartment. However, once Carlos actually moved back in, he apparently acted like a total jerk by bringing the family dog with him.

Carlos and his ex-wife had a border collie that the children grew up with and loved. Their home was perfect for the breed– which has a lot of energy– since there was a huge yard and a ton of walking trails nearby.

jozzeppe777 – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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