Her Stepsister Wouldn’t Stop Comparing Their Weddings, So She Made Her Cry At A Family Dinner After She Said Nobody Cared About Her Wedding

So, her stepsister is essentially just still bitter about not getting the same wedding treatment. And at a family dinner about a week ago, all of this pent-up resentment boiled over.

It all began when she went out to dinner with her fiancé, her grandparents, her father, Miranda, Maggie, and a few other family members. And eventually, the topic of her wedding came up, and they all began discussing how one particular family member was getting accommodations to attend her big day.

At that point, Maggie decided to chime in and claim it was “so nice” that that particular family member would be attending her wedding since, apparently, the same family member was “too busy” to go to Maggie’s wedding.

Now, that comment was obviously awkward, and no one at the dinner even acknowledged it.

But rather than taking the hint and dropping the topic, Maggie just started talking more about the family member– describing the excuse they had used to skip her wedding at a “stupidly loud volume.” In other words, forcing everyone at the table to listen.

So, while she was not usually a confrontational person, she was exhausted by Maggie’s behavior. And after having some wine, she finally had the liquid courage to shut her stepsister down.

“No one cared about your wedding a year ago, and they’re not going to start today, so please spare us,” she told Maggie. Yikes!

After she dropped that bomb, everyone fell silent before eventually moving on. Maggie, however, started crying, left the table, and headed home.

Since then, her dad has claimed that Maggie is now too humiliated to speak with anyone in their family. So, her stepsister probably will not attend her ceremony anymore.

And because of that, her dad has begun pressuring her to apologize– especially since his wife, Miranda, is giving him a tough time.

Her dad pointed out how she knew just how upset Maggie was that all of the “family pomp” was not a part of her wedding day. So, even though Maggie took the drama too far, her dad believes that she “went for the jugular” and did not have to.

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