Here Are 3 Things You Can Use To Confirm That Your Mother Is A Narcissist

This works to pit siblings against each other. It’s a narcissistic mother’s way of keeping everyone in their place.

Number three: she frames you and sets you up to put you down. What this means is that a narcissistic mother will demean you or do something she knows will get a reaction out of you.

Then, she can pretend to be a victim when you inevitably reach your wit’s end. Overall, she always wants you to remain a shadow of her so she can get all the attention, care, and concern from everyone, including you.

Unfortunately, several TikTok users could relate to Danish’s description of narcissistic mothers and shared their experiences in the comments section.

“She’ll use your pain on social media to beg for thoughts and prayers for you but not even discuss the issue with you,” commented one user.

“This and the fact that they’re never the bad guy. It’s always everyone else who’s in the wrong, never them. Not to mention the delusions of grandeur,” stated another.

“Yes. The child exists as a second chance at the life they wanted. Also, the kid becomes the pawn, jester, and therapist,” someone else wrote.


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