He’s A Cybersecurity Expert Explaining How Your Digital Footprint Could Get In The Way Of You Being Hired For A Job

“Eventually they’re gonna run out of candidates because what 30-year-old in 2030 isn’t going to have a questionable digital footprint??” wrote another.

“If a company digs that deep on me, I don’t want to work there anyway. I can’t have a personal life away from work?” questioned a third.

“Bro, then don’t hire me, lol. I ain’t about to let a job that pays me 40k tell me what to do online and my free time,” declared someone else.

It’s shocking how much employers can discover about you by simply doing a quick search. But apparently, they can pry even deeper into your life than what @chrisjr404 demonstrated.

So if you’re currently job hunting, ask yourself if the content you’re about to put into the digital world is appropriate before posting it to social media.


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