He’s Pretty Sure His Wife Isn’t Romantically Involved With Her Male Coworker, But Finds It Odd How Often They Text

When your partner has a close friend of the opposite gender, there’s a chance you may have a bit of anxiety over the status of their relationship, especially when they spend a lot of time together.

One man is pretty sure his wife isn’t romantically involved with her male coworker, but he’s a little skeptical of all the time they spend together. 

He’s 43 years old, and his wife is 38. A new guy started working at her office a few months ago, and he was happy to hear that they got along really well. 

“She’s had problems in previous workplaces with getting treated really poorly,” he explained.

“So I’m really happy for her having someone she gets on with. I’ve become a bit weirded out recently, though, and I don’t know if it’s just me.”

He noticed that she started texting her coworker all the time. His wife has shown him some of the messages on her phone before, and he knows they’re not romantic, but he still finds it odd how frequently they text.

Even if they’re on a family outing with their kids, she’ll take photos and send them to her coworker.

The other night, something happened that made him skeptical.

He and his wife met up with her coworker and his wife at a concert. Her coworker also brought his daughter along. The entire night, his wife was talking to her coworker. At one point, her coworker moved seats so he could be further away from his wife and kids and closer to her. 

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