He’s Threatening To Kick His Teen Son Out If His Son Buys A $35,000 Truck For His Lumber Business

After he dropped that bomb, his son just could not understand why he was being so harsh. His son also tried to justify the large purchase by claiming it would be his only car that doesn’t cost a ridiculous price– such as $60,000.

Finally, his son claimed to have enough money to buy the truck outright. But he just does not believe that. Apparently, his son revealed that he had been keeping all of his funds in cash.

“Because he doesn’t trust me. Why wouldn’t he trust me?” he vented.

Anyway, he and his son ultimately got into a screaming match over the whole truck debate. And afterward, his son stormed off and got picked up by his “loser buddy.”

But beforehand, his son did accuse him of being a total jerk. Then, his wife agreed and also said he was being unreasonable.

And since his wife took his son’s side, he has started to question whether he handled the situation the right way. So now, he’s been left wondering whether threatening to kick his son out if he buys a $35,000 truck made him a real jerk or not.

Does it sound like his son found a non-traditional career path that works for him? Why do you think he is so against believing that his son makes money from the lumber business? Did he handle this situation with grace and understanding? How can he fix it?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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