His Family Is Angry That He’s Taking His Daughter On An Expensive Vacation, And They Think He Should Pay A Little Extra To Take All 15 Of Them Too

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This 36-year-old guy has an 8-year-old daughter with his ex-wife. And from the time the school year ends to the week before school starts up again, he has custody of his daughter.

So, over the weekend, he invited his parents, as well as his sisters’ families, over to his house to celebrate Mother’s Day with a cookout.

But, in the middle of the celebration, one of his sisters– who is 38– emerged from his house with a travel folder she found.

Then, his sister walked over to everybody and started to share all the details of a vacation he planned to take his daughter on in late June.

“And started to yell at me for taking a ‘very expensive and fancy vacation’ without inviting them and paying for all of them to go,” he added.

Rather than sticking up for him, though, the rest of his family just hopped on board and agreed with his sister.

Then, they started discussing how if he simply “downsized” the vacation and “paid a little extra,” then everyone else would be able to go on the trip. Plus, they even accused him of being extremely selfish for opting to just take his daughter away and spending so much money without bothering to invite them.

“The fact is that I could easily afford to pay for their families to go with us,” he revealed.

However, in the past, his sisters have excluded his daughter from joining their family activities even if he offered to pay more than his share of the expenses just for his daughter to go along! Some examples of this included when his sisters’ families visited Disneyland, the zoo, and some waterparks.

Halfpoint – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people












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