His Girlfriend Asked Him To Bring Her Teen Son To Guy’s Night, But He Said No Because He Just Doesn’t Want To Have To Worry About Being A Good Role Model

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When you were younger, did your parents ever have special weekly events they liked to attend to get out of the house? For instance, was your mom part of a book club, or did your dad have a monthly poker night?

One man recently upset his girlfriend after he refused to take her teenage son to his weekly “guy’s night.”

He’s 43-years-old and has been with his 42-year-old girlfriend for a little over a year. His girlfriend has three kids from a previous relationship, a 20-year-old daughter, a 19-year-old daughter, and a 17-year-old son. 

He likes and gets along with all of her kids, but he has a special connection with her son, Jake. They do a lot of things one-on-one together, including fishing and golfing. 

Recently, his girlfriend asked him about his plans for an upcoming Saturday night because she wanted to do something with him. He apologized and explained that he wouldn’t be available because Saturday was his “guy’s night.”

On guy’s night, he goes to his friend’s house and hangs out with a group of guys to play poker. They’re all around the same age, and during guy’s night, they tend to drink a lot, smoke cigars, and get a little rowdy. 

His girlfriend seemed annoyed that he couldn’t hang out with her that night and then asked him a surprising question. She asked if he could bring Jake along with him to guy’s night.

When he explained what goes down at guy’s night and that it wouldn’t be a very appropriate environment for a teenager, she said, “Well, obviously, don’t allow him to drink or smoke, but he should hang out with some guys being guys. He grew up without his father, and it would be good for him.”

Other than it not being an appropriate setting for Jake, he also knew deep down that he didn’t want to have Jake there in general.

halayalex – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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