His Girlfriend Gave Him Grief Over Sending $500 To $1,000 Every Month To Help His Struggling Parents Instead Of Using The Money To Buy Her Presents

“I normally tell her that said item isn’t in my budget, but if she wanted it, she should buy it for herself.”

Anytime he suggests to his girlfriend that she goes out and buys herself special things, she gets very angry. 

His girlfriend is also jealous of the fact that he sends money to his parents. For the last few years, he’s transferred money to his parents once a month, as they can no longer work and don’t receive much money through supplemental security income. 

Recently, things came to a boiling point when his girlfriend discovered how much he was sending to his parents monthly.

The other night, after ordering some food for takeout, the restaurant called his phone back to discuss their order.

He couldn’t get to the phone right away, so his girlfriend answered for him. After hanging up the call, she noticed his bank account app was still open on his phone and decided to look through it without permission.

For a while, she thought he was sending $100-200 a month to his parents, but he’s actually been sending $500-$1,000 a month. 

When his girlfriend saw these numbers, she was furious and confronted him about why he spends so much money on his parents but not on her.

Then, she accused him of being financially abusive and called him a bad boyfriend. She thinks his money is technically hers and that he should be “taking care of her.”

“I knew from past experiences that she’d get moody when I didn’t buy her expensive things, but until recently, I have never seen her flip over money that wasn’t hers,” he said.

“We aren’t engaged or married. This is a new side of her that I’m not liking.”

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