His Girlfriend Refuses To Clean Up After Herself, And Now He Doesn’t Want To Move With Her To A Larger Place Until The Issue Is Fixed

But spoiler alert: that did not work. At that point, he was forced to start verbalizing his actions– telling his girlfriend when and what he cleaned up without including any resentment.

“Like everybody, I sometimes leave things lying around as well,” he noted. “I don’t think it’s such a big deal as I put them away as soon as I realize it.”

That’s why he tried to remain understanding with his girlfriend and just asked her nicely to tidy up sometimes. Then, when she wouldn’t do it, he just kept cleaning up for her.

Eventually, however, he decided to try a different tactic– not touching his home at all.

This didn’t work either, though, and the house became a disaster within a few days. Then, he and his girlfriend were left with a full day of cleaning, which was not realistic.

Yet even after going through that together, the habit of tidying up here and there just has not stuck with his girlfriend. In fact, the only thing she completely takes care of is laundry. But even that, she gets help.

“The box is always full, and both drying racks are always out. Until she brings our laundry to her parent’s place, asking her mom to do three or four rounds of washing and drying for a day,” he revealed.

Now, he claimed to understand that his girlfriend just was not used to living in a home and taking care of it by herself. Before moving in with him, she only had a tiny apartment that she lived in for the work week before returning to her parent’s house on the weekends.

But at the same token, he feels like his girlfriend just does not want to put in any effort and keeps pretending as though she “forgot” to clean up after herself.

And recently, her lack of cleanliness has really started to impact their relationship. Nowadays, he detailed how his girlfriend acts arrogant whenever she is asked to tidy up or clean.

She will either just not respond to him or pretend not to hear him. Sometimes, she even forces him to ask again to confirm she understands or responds with a bunch of hostility.

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