His Sister Sent His Wife One Of His Old Diary Entries In Which He Admitted To Thinking His Wife Was A “Freak” And Not Wanting To Marry Her

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This 26-year-old guy does not have the best relationship with his sister, who is 25.

While growing up, they were both pretty competitive kids. And it didn’t help that their parents would always compare them before opting to favor whoever kid “did better” at something.

“I don’t think they even understand what they were doing or how it (messed) us up,” he said.

Regardless, the comparisons pushed him and his sister to constantly compete over everything– from who had better friends to who got the best grades or won the most awards.

In the process, he and his sister also tried to sabotage each other, too. So, by the time they went away to college– and happened to attend the same school– their relationship only got worse.

Then, during college, his sister wound up dating a new guy that his parents did not approve of. So, after his sister got in trouble, he viewed that as an opportunity to “one up her.”

That’s why he began dating a girl who he knew his parents would fall in love with. And he was right. He and his girlfriend dated for just one year before his parents pressured them to get married.

“And although my feelings for her weren’t big in the beginning, they grew stronger over time,” he admitted.

“I can confidently say that she is the love of my life, and I would be nothing without her.”

photoguns – – illustrative purposes only

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