His Sister Sent His Wife One Of His Old Diary Entries In Which He Admitted To Thinking His Wife Was A “Freak” And Not Wanting To Marry Her

More recently, though, he has been keeping a diary. Apparently, the practice began as more of a self-therapy option. But, he believed it worked and has continued writing in his diary every day for stress relief.

He goes through diaries pretty quickly, though, and just so happened to leave one journal behind at his parents’ house. So, it appears that his sister wound up finding it, reading it, and sharing it with his wife.

It all began one morning this week when he realized that his wife was acting pretty strange and avoiding him.

He didn’t read too much into it, though, until later that afternoon– when his wife sat him down and confronted him.

His wife revealed how she had been sent an email containing a diary entry he had written about her. Then, she showed him the email, which contained screenshots of a pretty mean paragraph.

Within the diary entry, he calls his wife weird, boring, a freak, and even “a bit of a loser.” Plus, he admitted to not wanting to marry his wife but agreeing simply because his parents had insisted.

Now, his wife had a suspicion that his sister had sent the email. But she wasn’t sure and asked him to confirm.

After that, he decided to call his parents and have them call his sister for a family meeting. And in the meantime, before the meeting, he asked around to see if anyone else had received any diary emails.

“And nobody else had gotten an email with my diary entries, which was worse,” he explained.

Anyway, on the day of the family meeting, his sister showed up with her new boyfriend. But that didn’t stop him from screaming at his sister for violating his privacy, sharing his old thoughts with his wife, and ruining their relationship. He also accused his sister of being a jealous psycho.

His sister didn’t agree with him, though, and claimed that since he lied to both his parents and his wife, they deserved to know the truth.

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