His Teen Daughter Got Suspended From School For Bullying A Girl With Autism, And He Decided To Dole Out Extra Punishment Even Though His Ex-Wife Doesn’t Agree

Alexander - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 40-year-old man has a 16-year-old daughter along with his 39-year-old ex-wife. To be honest, the reason he filed to divorce his ex-wife is that she is truly one mean woman.

His ex-wife always delighted in making fun of people. She would always point out what she perceived to be flaws in other people and made a sport of it.

For instance, she once told their daughter when she was quite little that another girl’s teeth were ugly, and she didn’t want their daughter to ever look like that.

He ended up divorcing his ex-wife right after their daughter reached her third birthday, and they currently split custody of their daughter down the middle.

“Lately, my daughter has been acting out a lot, but I had my last straw when I received a call from her school informing me that she was caught bullying another student because she had autism,” he explained.

“When I confronted her about it, she admitted to doing it and said it was just a joke. I was extremely disappointed and upset.”

“I took away all of her electronics and grounded her, etc. My ex-wife berated me, saying, “It was a joke, let it go, and give her her stuff back.”

“I yelled at her for a good five minutes until she hung up. My mom is saying the suspension is enough, and I was too harsh.”

He really doesn’t believe what his mom or his ex-wife are saying to him, and he thinks he is completely justified in doling out extra punishment for his daughter for being a bully.

Alexander – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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