His Wife Has A Guy Friend Who Revealed He Has Feelings For Her, And Since Then, His Wife Continues To Text This Guy Every Single Day

It’s now been a few years since that all happened, and in the years following that revelation from his wife’s friend, his wife has continued to text her friend non-stop.

He figured if his wife was not uncomfortable keeping her friendship, it shouldn’t be something to bother him either.

He wasn’t thrilled, but he went with it, all while asking his wife what she thinks about her friend’s nonstop messages.

His wife just kept saying he’s such a great friend to her who always listens or even just gossips along with her.

“To be honest, I actually loathe the whole idea very much, and I bear so much hatred towards the guy,” he said. “No matter how good of a friend is, I am not sure if it makes sense to text every single day, mostly coming from the guy, of course. My stand as a fellow man is this; if you have told a girl that you liked her, there is no way this feeling will ever be gone.”

“Especially when the girl is willing to keep texting you back. And I am very sure if something happens in our relationship, he will be the first to pounce on her and ditch his wife. I am making a lot of assumptions, but I don’t think I am totally wrong.”

“I still do respect my wife’s wishes, and I’m not going to stop her nor occasionally probe her about this. In fact, I’m not even sure if I actually should have this posted here in the first place, thinking that if she knows, she might be angry. But I just feel so unjust.”

Do you think he should be concerned about his wife’s friend?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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