His Wife Has Asperger’s, And He’s Finding Her So Exhausting That He’s Not Sure Their Marriage Can Be Saved

Artem - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 38-year-old man has a 43-year-old wife, and he is convinced that she has Asperger’s. As for why he believes this, his wife has zero friends and no desire to be social.

Any time he goes anywhere with her, it’s basically painful. Instead of wanting to be around other people, his wife is content gardening and renovating the fixer-upper home that they recently bought, which he absolutely hates.

He got married to his wife 5 years ago, and prior to tying the knot with her, he really felt “free” and “happy,” yet that is no longer the case for him.

He feels that his purpose in life now is to clean up after his wife’s messes and deal with her various projects that never end up finished.

“Everything seems to be a project under progress,” he explained. “She quit her teaching job after we had a kid 4 years back and refuses to work full-time again.”

“Gets interested in plants or crafts and pursues temp jobs which lead nowhere and then shift directions. Constantly fixated and talking about topics of current interest.”

“…Still wants to live her parent’s lifestyle of a fixer-upper remodeling, thrift stores, clutter, and pet hoarding despite me making well into 6 figures. Refuses to change or consider the possibility of a house with a layout which is better.”

To deal with the unhappiness he is feeling with his wife and marriage, he spends hours on end playing games or going on his phone.

He has no clue what to do anymore, but at this point, he’s only still married to his wife because of their child.

Artem – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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