If You Want A Soft And Seamless Under Eye Look, Test Out These Tried And True Baking Techniques

Yakobchuk Olena-, illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

If you are a makeup lover, you probably know how coveted the look of a blurred under-eye area is.

Baking is a popular technique that uses a loose setting powder to create a smooth finish to your concealer. This process can make a world of difference when added to your makeup routine.

Tiktoker and makeup artist Spencer (@paintedbyspencer) shares some of his tried and true baking tips to create under eyes that are soft and seamless.

To start Spencer’s “Blend, Set, Bake” process, apply your foundation as you normally would, but leave the area under your eyes free from the product. From there, apply your favorite concealer under your eyes and blend it out using a sponge.

Once the blending is complete, it is time to set. Grab a translucent setting powder to set and mattify the concealer that you just finished blending out. You can also use a pressed powder for this step if you prefer. This step is all about setting the liquid product in place before the baking process.

Remember not to worry about finding high-end products to try out this process because it’s not necessary.

“Don’t get too caught up here with the products that I’m using,” Spencer emphasizes in his video.

“You don’t have to go out and get anything; just use what you have. It’s the technique that matters most.”

Now for the star of the show and the final step; baking!

Yakobchuk Olena-, illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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