In 2014, She Vanished From Alaska In The Middle Of The Night, And Her Purse Was Later Found Buried In The Snow Along A Hiking Trail

Facebook - pictured above is Jael

After Jael Tiara Hamblen was born in Washington state on July 28, 1994, her first 14 months of life were spent in foster care.

Jael had been diagnosed with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder following birth– which ultimately resulted in developmental delays.

And after her parents got divorced, Jael primarily lived in Wasilla, Alaska– even though she did spend time with her father in Washington following her parents’ split.

By the time Jael reached teenhood, her mother had recalled how she started to rebel. This culminated in Jael eventually dropping out of high school. Then, at the age of 17, she even ran away for the first time.

Then, once Jael was 20-years-old, she had a baby boy. Her loved ones believed she would never abandon her infant son, though, which is why Jael’s strange disappearance has remained so puzzling.

It all began on October 11, 2014, when Jael and her roommate, Kendra Estrada, visited TGI Friday’s to eat dinner. Following the meal, the pair returned home just before 10:00 p.m.

At the same time, Kendra’s mother had been watching both Kendra’s kids and Jael’s son.

After returning home, Jael reportedly did consider heading out again. However, Kendra opted to go to bed, leaving Jael upset– because apparently, she was interested in a man who had rejected her.

This pushed Jael to text a male friend at 1:40 a.m. Within the message, she detailed how she had been crying and wanted to meet up with him.

Facebook – pictured above is Jael

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