On A Date With A Guy, He Wasn’t Paying Any Attention To Her, But He Was Chugging Drinks And Hitting The Dance Floor Within Minutes Of Meeting Her

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We often hear about how the dating pool in America isn’t the best. But apparently, men in London aren’t much of an improvement either, according to one woman’s experience.

TikToker Jordan McDaniel (@jordannmcdaniel) is telling a story about one of the worst dates she’s ever been on in London.

So she matched with a guy on Hinge, and he seemed like the whole package–nice, tall, cute, kind, and self-aware. They had even FaceTimed each other before, and nothing alarming really stood out to her.

In addition, they had had a lot of deep, meaningful conversations, and they were both on the same page about what they were looking for in a partner.

Of course, she was super excited to finally meet him for the first time and go out together. So when she finally met him, she was very surprised by his behavior.

They agreed to go to a pub, and when Jordan caught sight of him, she immediately felt that something was off.

He wasn’t paying much attention to her or interested in having a conversation. Instead, he was chugging beer and hitting the dance floor within minutes of meeting her.

It didn’t seem appropriate, especially since no one else at the pub was dancing at the time. Then, he invited his friend, which Jordan was a bit upset about because it was supposed to be their first date.

The guy continued drinking nonstop and tried to dance all over her. Jordan was uncomfortable the whole time. Finally, she decided to call it a night, and he became extremely aggressive about the fact that she wanted to leave.

Karanov images – – illustrative purposes only

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