On A Third Date With A Guy, She Asked Him To Leave, And Then He Started Listing Off All The Other Women He Was Planning On Going Out With That Week

a.dl-, illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Unfortunately, many unpleasant surprises lurk in the shadows when you’re going through the process of dating. A man who seems nice enough at first glance will reveal his true colors at some point.

TikToker Tasha (@…leaveherwild) is describing her worst date yet with the most unhinged man she has ever encountered.

She was on her third date with this guy and had invited him over to her house so they could make dinner together and just continue getting to know each other a bit more.

While they were making dinner, Tasha noticed that he seemed to be inserting all these little jabs and digs at her in the conversation.

Eventually, Tasha told him to cut it out, but he tried to play it off as him being a flirtatious jokester. Tasha emphasized that unkind words were not funny to her.

However, he did not stop being rude, so Tasha asked him to leave. He countered her request, saying he couldn’t go because he had too much to drink, even though Tasha had only seen him consume a glass of wine.

Tasha really wanted him out of there, so she told him she would order a ride for him. That’s when he started losing it.

He began calling Tasha crazy and all sorts of other demeaning names. Then, in the next sentence, he expressed how much he liked her and thought they would’ve made a good couple.

Basically, he switched back and forth from saying extremely mean things to making really nice comments.

a.dl-, illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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