On Her First Date With A Guy, He Asked Her Out On A Second Date, But Now That He’s Ghosted Her She Can’t Understand Why

innarevyako - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 26-year-old girl met a 23-year-old guy on a dating app, and a week ago, they agreed to meet up for a first date.

This is hardly her first time going out with a guy that she’s met on a dating app, but this particular guy really did interest her, which is rare.

They had a lot of things in common, and she was actually excited about their date and getting to know him more.

Their actual date was wonderful, and he appeared to be pretty interested in her.

“It went really good and as I was about to go home, he asked me for a second date, and I accepted,” she explained.

“A day before said date, he told me he couldn’t come because he needed to study for an upcoming court hearing (he is a trainee lawyer), which was fine to me because I know his job can be really time-consuming.”

“Since he is very busy, he wasn’t able to reschedule a date and told me that he will let me know when he is available.”

Several days after him asking to reschedule their second date, she figured he was kind of pulling back from her and not being so communicative.

She decided to ask this guy if he had a change of heart, and she also stated that it was completely alright if that was the deal.

innarevyako – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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