She Admits That She Hates Being A Mom And Wishes She Could Rewind Her Life To When She Didn’t Have Kids

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Nobody ever said being a mom is easy, and it’s honestly one of the most challenging jobs someone could ever have.

This young woman is a mom to several children, and she admits that she honestly hates it. She hates being a mom, and she wishes she could rewind her life to when she didn’t have kids.

“I don’t find it rewarding,” she explained. “I don’t find the joy in it. If I could go back in time, I would never have children.”

“I love my children, but the mental load of being a mom makes me wish I didn’t have them. My 6-year-old has autism and ADHD. He is so hard to parent.”

“He’s closer to his dad because when he was born, I had severe PPD. I struggled to bond with him, and he bonded with his dad more than me. I got the help I needed, and I’m better now.”

Even though she is better now, that hasn’t resulted in her finding her role as a mom easier at all on her.

And her 6-year-old son really does make being a mom even more overwhelming for her, as he has a lot of difficult days.

She does try her very best to exercise patience with her 6-year-old son, and she also tries hard to understand where he is coming from.

“He has days where he’s so mean to me,” she said. “He hits me, scratches me, pinches me, and screams at me. I try not to react, but today I reacted.”

kieferpix – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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