She Allowed Her 7-Year-Old To Get Acrylic Nails, And It Turns Out That Was The Answer To Helping Her Daughter’s Anxiety

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Do you think acrylic nails are appropriate for an elementary-aged kid? Most parents would be totally against the idea of a young girl with a full set of acrylic nails.

But there are exceptions to everything, and perhaps this mom’s story will help others gain a perspective they hadn’t considered before.

TikToker Emily Boazman (@emilyboazman) is explaining her reasoning for letting her 7-year-old daughter get acrylic nails.

Three years ago, Emily would never have imagined taking her daughter to a salon to get her nails done.

However, her tune changed when she figured out that acrylic nails were the answer to helping her daughter with her anxiety.

Her daughter has severe, debilitating anxiety, and one of the ways she showcases that anxiety is through picking.

She constantly picks at any wound or scab on her body, preventing them from healing and leaving scars all over her arms and legs.

For example, her daughter had mosquito bites last summer that carried over into the new year because she kept reopening the wounds by scratching and picking.

Emily did not know how to make it stop. No matter how short she cut her daughter’s nails, her daughter always found a way to pick at the scabs.

marigo-, illustrative purposes only

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