She Asked For Her Sweater Back From A Classmate In Need After Her Mom Donated The Sweater Behind Her Back - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This young woman sadly lost her paternal grandmother. But, before the tragic loss, her grandmother made her a sweater that she absolutely loved.

But her mom, on the other hand, absolutely hated the garment– so much so that she was actually forbidden from wearing the sweater outside of the house.

Apparently, the sweater had a unique design and featured the colors white, blue, and brown. So, she realizes that it does not match everybody’s taste.

“But every time I wear the sweater, I can almost feel the warmth of my grandma, and it also slightly smells like her,” she said.

That’s why after she returned home from a friend’s house recently and realized her sweater was missing, she was devastated.

She immediately asked her mom what happened to it, and her mom claimed that she must have just misplaced it. However, about a week later, she found out her mom had been lying.

For context, her mom is an active member of their church. And the church they attend just so happens to have an outreach program where members can donate food, lightly used clothing, and other necessities to people in need.

And about a week after she lost her sweater, she showed up at school and realized that a girl– who was known to be quieter– was sitting in the cafeteria and wearing it.

That’s why she decided to approach the girl, even though she now realizes the confrontation was probably intimidating. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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