She Asked For Her Sweater Back From A Classmate In Need After Her Mom Donated The Sweater Behind Her Back

“I’ll be honest, I am quite popular at my school, and I confronted her with two of my friends, who are also pretty well-liked at our school,” she explained.

“So, I likely came off as intimidating, especially to someone who usually is very quiet and keeps to themselves.”

Regardless, she first went up to the girl and claimed to like the sweater. Then, she wound up asking the girl where they had gotten the sweater– to which the girl just mumbled something under her breath.

So, she asked again where the sweater was from. And at that point, the girl revealed the garment had been donated. That pushed her to ask where the donation was from, and the girl reluctantly revealed it was from the church.

“And I instantly knew then what my mother had done,” she revealed.

That’s why she ended up revealing that the sweater had been stolen and was actually hers. Then, she claimed that the “right thing to do” would be for the girl to return the garment to her.

Now, at first, the girl didn’t want to give it back because it was pretty cold outside. So, she offered to get the girl a new sweater by the end of the day in exchange for her grandma’s sweater, and the girl agreed.

Anyway, by the end of the day, she returned home in the sweater from her grandma– which made her mom pretty unhappy. But her mom was more so confused and asked how she managed to get the garment back.

At that point, she detailed how she had seen another student wearing the sweater at school and had asked them to return it. And this immediately made her mom both shocked and furious.

Apparently, her mom could not believe that she was “so obsessed” with the sweater that she would take it back from someone in need. But she clapped back at her mom.

“And I told my mom that I can’t believe she would give away something that she sees as pure trash to somebody in need and still call it charity,” she recalled.

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