She Believes Her Husband Is Embarrassed To Be Seen With Her Because He Won’t Take Her Anywhere

Even after her husband got caught, though, he never changed anything. In fact, he still does not invite her anywhere or take her out. So, she feels like she is just the mother of his children– who takes care of the kids all of the time.

They are never even seen together around family, either. Well, that was until Easter– which she claimed still wound up being one of the worst days of her life.

While she was trying to get ready to head to a party at her in-laws, they got into a massive argument. And their fight didn’t just cause them to show up really late to the party, but her husband also proceeded to ignore her the entire time.

Rather than speaking to her at all, her husband just talked with his brother’s wife and hung out in the living room while she was left to deal with their kids by herself.

A few weeks after that, her husband’s boss also had a barbecue at their house– to which everyone was invited. So, after getting there at 5:00 p.m., her husband stayed out until 1:00 a.m.

He returned home really drunk, and honestly, she didn’t even have a problem with him staying out that late.

What really upset her, however, was how her drunk husband would not stop talking about how all of his coworkers had brought their spouses.

Then, he went on and on about how all of the spouses had been super cool and easy to get along with.

“Why didn’t he ask me to join? Why didn’t he try to invite me?” she asked herself.

“I don’t understand. We don’t go on dates. We don’t go anywhere. It’s just me and the kids.”

Mother’s Day last weekend was her final straw, too. Even on that special day, her husband could not be the least bit nice to her.

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