She Bought And Hid Her Own Birthday Cake From Her Family Because Her Husband Didn’t Buy Her One, And He Accused Her Of Being Greedy

On May 12, however, it was actually her birthday. So, she decided to go out and buy a beautiful birthday cake for herself from a local baker.

Then, when she got home, she snuck the cake inside and ate a piece while her husband was at work and her sons were still at school. Afterward, she put the cake in the freezer in the garage with a plan to chip away at the dessert in secret.

She thought that if her husband and sons really wanted to celebrate her birthday with her, then they would buy her a cake on their own.

“I shouldn’t have to throw my own party for their benefit,” she reasoned.

Just yesterday, though, her husband went into the garage freezer and discovered her birthday cake.

He was obviously confused by it, too, and asked her what it was for. At that point, she revealed how the cake had been for her birthday, but that still didn’t seem to get through to her husband.

In fact, he just pointed out how a slice of cake was already missing. So, she was forced to remind her husband how her birthday had been on Friday, which was why she decided to buy herself a cake to celebrate.

But rather than feeling bad that she felt the need to purchase her own cake, her husband just asked, “Well, when were you gonna share it with us?” Yikes.

She admitted that she never planned to share the cake with the rest of their family. After all, it was her birthday, and she believed that if her husband wanted to celebrate over cake with her, then he easily could have purchased one for her.

Nonetheless, her husband still did not get the point and asked, “So you’re just gonna eat a whole cake?”

At that moment, she told her husband that yes, she would eat the entire cake– simply because it was hers and she could take as long as she wanted to finish it.

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