She Called Her Friend’s Girlfriend Disgusting At A Party, And Now He’s Expecting Her To Say Sorry

Minerva Studio - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever not been a big fan of your best friend’s partner? One woman recently got into trouble with her good friend after saying something about his girlfriend, that was not very kind.

She’s 22-years-old and has been close to her friend Danny since high school. Recently, he moved in with his girlfriend, Lucy, and they had a housewarming party on a Friday. 

She has a history with Danny, as years ago, they tried dating briefly but realized they functioned much better as platonic friends. However, because of her past with Danny, she seems to be a bit overprotective of him.

Danny and Lucy get along well but have very different personalities. For instance, he and his friends are quiet and introverted, while Lucy and her friends are outgoing and extroverted. 

These differences became evident to her during the housewarming party. She remembers Lucy spending most of the night dancing with her friends in a revealing outfit and occasionally pulling Danny away from their friend group to dance with her.

She felt that Danny was being extra quiet that evening and spent most of the night watching Lucy have a good time. 

“I asked if it was bothering him how [Lucy] was behaving, and he asked me to explain,” she remembered.

“I mentioned the attention-seeking dancing and the fact she was wearing something really revealing even though other guys were at this party. Danny said it didn’t bother him, then sat with a moody face.”

Later in the evening, Lucy joined her and Danny on the couch and started talking about what an amazing night she had.

Minerva Studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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