She Called Her Niece Out For Faking A “Fit Girl Lifestyle” On Social Media After Her Niece Commented On Her Eating Habits During A Family Dinner

Now, she does think that it would be really great for Eva if it were actually true. However, she claimed that every time Eva saw her boyfriend, her niece would just drive through the McDonald’s drive-thru nearly every day.

She also learned from Eva’s little brother that her niece was just straight-up faking most of those “fit girl lifestyle” posts.

And if she hadn’t found that out, she claimed she would have never even said anything to her niece. After all, she knows it’s Eva’s life, and her niece is entitled to do anything she wants.

Just last Saturday, though, her family got together for dinner. And in the beginning, everything was going great until Eva decided to make a comment about her eating habits.

“Jesus, no wonder you’ve lost so much weight if that’s all you’re eating,” Eva told her.

According to her, however, she had eaten a “very normal” portion of dinner– which included salmon, potatoes, and vegetables.

Still, she let the comment roll off her back– even though Eva didn’t.

Throughout the rest of the dinner, her niece continued to make comments about both her and Eva’s younger brother– talking about how they were working out too much, eating too little, and on their way to developing eating disorders.

So, after a while, she started to get pretty frustrated. And eventually, she snapped at Eva.

“Well, maybe if you stopped eating all those…burgers and actually joined us for once, you would feel less insecure. Then, you would have real content to post on your socials,” she told Eva.

After she said that, the entire dinner table went quiet, and her niece burst into tears. Then, Eva claimed to be “doing the best she could” and pointed out how watching her weight loss had been really triggering.

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