She Called Out Her Stepdad For Thinking He Could Provide Money For Her Wedding As A Way To Pay For The Opportunity To Walk Her Down The Aisle

That’s why, eventually, her mom even tried to cut her grandparents off from seeing her. But thankfully, since she had such a strong bond with her grandparents– and the fact that they were her only connection to her biological father– the court decided it was only right for her to keep that relationship.

“I ended up getting to see them every other weekend, and I got one overnight a month with them. I loved it,” she recalled.

With Jason, on the other hand, she never felt genuinely comfortable. Sure, he tried very hard to be her father by spending time with her and spoiling her. However, he was also apparently quite jealous of her longing for her biological father.

For instance, Jason got upset when he realized she had kept a picture of her dad by her bedside. He was also jealous after he walked in on her speaking to the picture when she was just a little girl or whenever she would make notes to leave at her dad’s grave for Father’s Day.

Apparently, as a kid, she used to really believe that people existed after death and could hear what was said to them. So that’s why she sometimes wrote special notes for her late dad.

Nowadays, she recognizes why Jason was upset because she was writing and speaking to a father she never really knew; meanwhile, she only ever addressed Jason by his first name.

“But it doesn’t change how I felt or how I feel today. His hatred for my grandparents didn’t win me over, either,” she admitted.

“I do think I love Jason. But I would never say he was my dad.”

Anyway, she is now in her twenties and recently got engaged to her fiancé– who she thinks is a wonderful person.

And on her big day, she planned to have her grandma walk her down the aisle. Prior to actually asking her grandma, though, she decided to break the news to her mom and Jason. That way, there were no surprises.

But during that conversation, Jason wound up asking her about money for the wedding– which she had never discussed or even asked him for.

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