She Cut Into Her Friend’s Wedding Cake Thinking That Her Friend Forgot To Serve It

VAKSMANV - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

A woman made a real slip-up at a friend’s wedding when she cut into the bride and groom’s untouched wedding cake.

The wedding guest, Hailey (@mediocrehailey), shared a video clip on TikTok showcasing her horrible social blunder at the Gregson-Martinez wedding.

The video has since then gone viral, amassing over a million likes.

In the clip, Hailey disregards the other dessert table that was there. Instead, she casually and confidently walks up to the beautiful white frosted cake, complete with bride and groom toppers, grabs a knife, and carves out a slice of cake for herself.

After placing the sweet confection on her plate, she licks some frosting off her fingers. The clip’s caption reads, “My apologies to the bride & groom.”

The text on the video said, “Ignoring the brownie table and confidentially cutting myself a slice of her WEDDING CAKE thinking uh-oh! They forgot to serve it to everyone else!”

At the time, Hailey was unaware she had committed a faux pas. She simply thought that her friend had forgotten to serve it.

The friend herself, Marie Gregson Martinez (@mgway2b), commented on the video, letting everyone know that there were no hard feelings.

“As the bride whose cake this is – she is formally forgiven and has learned her lesson in wedding etiquette,” the woman commented.

VAKSMANV – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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