She Dated A Guy Who Displayed One Red Flag After Another, And She’s Sharing How She Eventually Found Out He Had Killed Someone

Suddenly, the fire alarm started going off. An uncomfortable feeling came over Sydney, and she fought the urge to leave. The alarm also wouldn’t stop ringing, so the guy was forced to wrap it in a blanket and shove it in the closet.

Despite all the warning signs, Sydney continued hanging out with this man. Eventually, they planned to take a trip together.

However, the night before the trip, she didn’t hear from him. She attempted to contact him, but he was unreachable. Finally, he informed her that his grandmother had just died.

Sydney believed him at first. But after another hour or two of no contact from him, she suspected he was lying.

So she decided to look this man up online, and what she found shocked her to her very core. When she searched his name, she found the information from the crash he had described.

However, his version of the story differed significantly from the news article she read.

“The article that I find reads ‘man on suspended license with multiple warrants for traffic violations runs red light and collides with another vehicle, killing the driver,'” Sydney revealed.

The driver was a 95-year-old man whose wife had been in the passenger seat. Sydney did not hear from the guy again until about a year later.

After her discovery, Sydney was livid. She went to the store and bought a decoration for a gravestone and a sympathy card expressing condolences for the loss of a grandmother.

She wrote an insult in the card, sealed it with her chewing gum, and placed it in his parking spot at his apartment building.

After he ghosted her, she tried calling him, but her number was blocked. When her number wouldn’t go through, she dialed “*67,” which hides your own number from the recipient of the call and shows up as an anonymous caller.

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