She Doesn’t Want To Go To Her Boyfriend’s Place Anymore Because A Mouse Was In His Bathtub, And He Refused To Clean It Afterward

Who is Danny - - illustrative purposes only

This 35-year-old woman has been dating her boyfriend, who is also 35, for about one month. And apparently, her boyfriend has a pet cat that absolutely loves hunting mice before “gifting” the critters back to her boyfriend.

So, during her first-ever sleepover at her boyfriend’s place last week, his cat caught a mouse and put it in the bathtub.

She was the one who discovered the poor mouse about an hour later, too. But thankfully, it was still alive, and her boyfriend was able to catch it in a jar. Then, he released the critter into a forested area right behind his condo.

At the time she discovered the mouse, though, they had both been on their way out of the condo. While she was heading home, her boyfriend was leaving for work.

That’s why, before parting ways, she decided to issue her boyfriend a little reminder.

“Remember to clean the bathtub before you go for your soak in the tub when you get home from work,” she told him.

Her boyfriend didn’t understand why, though, and pointed out how the mouse went to the bathroom in the jar. Plus, the mouse also went to the bathroom next to the drain. So, he thought rinsing it down the drain was enough.

But she tried to explain to her boyfriend that mice are dirty. And since her boyfriend soaks in the bath to clean himself, the bathtub itself should also be clean.

Regardless, her boyfriend just did not think that was necessary. Instead, he claimed that his tap water was treated and sufficient enough to wash away germs. He also said that he would just take a shower instead of soaking in the tub that evening. That way, the soap from his shower would clean the germs.

Who is Danny – – illustrative purposes only

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