She Ended Their Friendship After 21 Years When She Realized Her Best Friend Was The Most Toxic Person In Her Life

Although these were red flags from the start, they made up and moved on, as many friends do. Things took a turn for the worse, however, when they ended up going on to the same college.

“This is where things get really bad,” she said. “There were these two guys. I thought one was cute, she thought the other one was cute.”

When Monica and her friend were hanging out one night together and playing a game of pool, her friend’s crush walked in and came over to see them.

“He comes in, and he’s trying to be all flirtatious and says like, ‘Oh, like, can I play pool with you guys?'” she explained. “She walks away. She goes to sit down on the couch, and then she’s looking at me, like angrily.”

Monica just tries to ignore her friend’s bizarre behavior when the guy casually moves on and keeps flirting.

“The idiotic guy goes, ‘Oh, winner gets a kiss’,” she said. “This was the perfect setup!”

They ended up leaving after her friend didn’t respond to him, but in passing, they see Monica’s crush walking by. She waves to him, which, as she finds out later on in a long text message, made her friend mad.

Her friend was also mad that the guy who wanted to play pool with them suggested the kissing game.

Essentially, she was “describing how she’s upset because she thinks I’m pretty. She’s describing how she’s upset that the guy I think is cute waved at me,” she said. “She was directing her anger at me.”

If that wasn’t enough to break off the relationship, more toxic things happened between them in the future.

“I actually started talking to a guy at college,” she explained. “We weren’t dating, but we were seeing each other. This is where it gets really, really weird.”

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