She Found A Lost Lovebird, And This Is The Sweet Story Of How She Reunited Him With His Family

shark749 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual bird

Have you ever found a lost dog or cat on the street and found its home? It’s such a rewarding experience to find someone’s beloved pet and return it to them safe and sound.

This recently happened to one TikTok user, but it wasn’t a lost dog she found. Instead, it was a lost exotic bird.

Sultana (@sincerelysultana) was walking around a neighborhood in Toronto, Canada when she saw something completely unexpected.

As Sultana was out and about, she spotted a tiny bright green and orange parrot sitting on a fence outside an apartment building. She started filming as soon as she saw the lonely little guy.

Sultana approached the little bird and slowly introduced herself to him. Eventually, he crawled onto her finger and got acquainted with her.

“Obviously, this little guy doesn’t know how to live out in the wilderness and was asking for help,” says Sultana in one of her videos.

“So we’re gonna take him home, we’re gonna post him on Kijiji and on Facebook.”

Sultana’s brother came, picked up Sultana with the bird, and they all drove to her house. Because of the bird’s green and orange colors, she and her family began calling him Olive.

Sultana filmed Olive being loved and welcomed by her family. After doing some research, they discovered that Olive is a lovebird.

shark749 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual bird

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