She Got Her Best Friend’s Boyfriend Arrested After He Stole Some Expensive Items From Her Home

Then, one month ago, she got home from school and discovered that some of her figurines were gone.

She had to assume they were stolen, especially because Alice had never gone into her figurine room or shown interest in it.

When she called Alice to tell her what happened, she told her that Kevin had taken her on a surprise trip to Ottowa.

There were pictures posted of her and Kevin going to fancy places. When she filled in Alice on the missing figurines, Alice told her to check the house for signs of a break-in. 

Alice and Kevin returned days later. While they were gone, she installed security cameras around the house, changed the locks, and alerted her parents. She was super anxious and distressed. 

Nothing happened for two weeks until she found out Kevin was the figurine thief when he struck again. This time, she got him and two other guys on film picking the lock to the figurine room and stealing some. 

She freaked out and called the police, who arrested Kevin quickly since he decided to hang around the house. 

Kevin must’ve called Alice from jail because when she got to the house, she started freaking out, begging her to drop the charges and get him out.

“I literally showed Alice the evidence, but she still begged and said it was all a misunderstanding,” she remembered.

“It has been one week since Kevin was arrested. Alice kept going after me and demanded I let him go, and at one point, I just lost it.”

She and Alice recently got into a huge argument in the middle of the night, and she ultimately decided to kick Alice out of her house right then and there.

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