She Got Into A Fight With Her Ex-Husband After Telling Him That She And Their Kids Didn’t Want To Go To A Mother’s Day Brunch His New Wife Put Together

After getting divorced, she asked if she could keep in touch with Billy and Charlotte, and she did. She told her step-kids she’d always be there for them, and they occasionally stay at her house at the same time as Adam and Maggie.

It’s a system that’s been working for them, but she recently had a huge blowout with Tim over their Mother’s Day plans. 

Since Tara passed away, she’s taken all of the kids to visit her grave on Mother’s Day and allows them to share their favorite memories of her and express their feelings before heading to her favorite breakfast spot.  But this year, Tim and Amanda wanted to host a brunch for everyone instead.

“I did not see a reason for this and declined on behalf of myself and my bio kids,” she explained. “I checked in with my step-kids, and they hated the idea as well.”

All the kids preferred their usual Mother’s Day tradition and didn’t want to spend the day with Amanda. Upon hearing this news, Tim freaked out and called her names. He then threatened not to allow the kids to see her on Mother’s Day, even if it was her week with them.

“I don’t think I should be forced to spend my Mother’s Day with my ex, his new wife, and step-kid,” she added.

Do you think she was in the wrong for not encouraging her kids to go to the Mother’s Day brunch?

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