She Got Married At 18, Which She Knows People Think Is Crazy, And She’s Sharing What It’s Been Like For Her

Then, that same friend proceeded to give Samantha some advice, telling her to put her happiness first and leave the relationship the second she was not happy.

Samantha declared it the worst piece of marriage advice she’s ever heard. She believes that the whole point of marriage is learning how to put somebody else above yourself.

If everyone left when they no longer felt happy, everyone would be divorced. And Samantha points out that is basically how it is in our current society.

So it doesn’t make sense to her why people think a young marriage will end badly. Those who wait later in life to get married still end up divorced.

Instead of casting unsolicited opinions onto others for their decisions, people should just let them be and focus on their own lives. The decisions that other people make aren’t anyone’s business but their own.

What do you think about getting married young?


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