She Had A Creepy First Date Experience With A Man Who Already Knew The Questions He Was Asking, And Now She Believes You Should Check Social Media Before Attending A Date

alfa27-, illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Some people have a strict rule that they don’t stalk someone’s social media before going on a first date with them because they believe it would prevent you from getting a proper first impression. Plus, many of us know that how someone appears on social media isn’t always how they appear in person.

But one woman now firmly believes you should always check a guy’s social media before going on a first date after a first date horror story she experienced.

Madi (@immadeleine) is a fashion photographer living in New York City who took to TikTok to tell her followers about a weird and creepy dating experience she had.

Madi was out with friends one night when she noticed a cute guy staring at her. Eventually, he approached her and asked if she wanted to get dinner with him.

She said yes and got his information to plan the date, but didn’t look up his social media profiles before their date. 

Madi and the guy went to dinner together, and things were going well. Then, he started asking her a bunch of ‘get to know you’ questions. He asked her what she does for work, asked to see some of her photographs, etc.

But then, things got a little strange.

“As dinner went on, he started to ask me more questions where I felt like he already knew the answer to [them],” says Madi in her video.

Madi figured her date might have looked up her social media pages and had a quick look before their date, so she carried on with the rest of the night. 

alfa27-, illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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