She Had Been Invited Out To The Movies And Expected Her Date To Cover Some Of The Costs, But He Didn’t Even Bother To Pay For Anything

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A TikToker who goes by the handle @drazzyslaboratory is sharing a bad dating story with a surprising and adorable twist at the end. In the video, she expressed her frustrations about having to pay for everything on a date to the movies.

So a guy had invited her out to the movies, and she agreed to go. But when it came time to buy the tickets, the guy left her in the dust.

As they reached the ticket booth to order their tickets, she fully expected him to cover the costs. But when the ticket clerk announced the price of the two tickets, he looked at her expectantly.

She unhappily paid for the tickets, which cost about $17. Then, she thought maybe he would take care of the drinks and snacks since they were bound to be more expensive.

So afterward, they headed to the concessions stand. She ordered a medium-sized popcorn and a 20-ounce frozen margarita slushy.

Her date ordered some gummy worms, popcorn, and a large slushy. But once again, he did not end up paying for anything, instead asking where her wallet was and if she had put it away.

As the video neared its end, she was describing how the person who suggested going on a date in the first place should be the one to pay when she was suddenly interrupted by a child’s giggle.

The camera panned over to the passenger seat, revealing a little boy hysterically laughing at the story she was telling. And that little boy turned out to be her son, also known as the “date” she was talking about.

Several TikTok users took to the comments section to share their amusement and express that they had been tricked into thinking the story was really about a grown man.

Vittaya_25- – illustrative purposes only

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