She Has A Summer Bag Idea That Every Mom Should Keep Packed In Their Car For Their Kids

Oleg Breslavtsev - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Once summertime strikes, you’ll probably be doing lots of fun outdoor activities with your kids, heading to places like the park and the beach.

That means it’s going to get crazy. As a busy mom on the go, you’re not ready for summer until you have a bag filled with summer essentials you can keep in the car while hauling the kids around from place to place.

It’s crucial to pack all the necessary items to prepare for adventures. There’s no telling when your kids will get hungry, dirty, or injured. So you must be ready for every possible scenario.

TikToker Arin Solange (@arinsolange) is a mom of four kids, and she’s showing all moms what they need to pack in their bags this summer. Each of these items has saved her from more than a few mishaps.

Her favorite bag is a handy tote that is excellent for organization. It has multiple pockets you can use for extra storage space.

Keep it packed in the trunk of your car, and just throw it in the stroller when you’re going out on the town! Tuck swimsuits for each child in the waterproof outer pockets of the bag.

Giant bottles of sunscreen and bug spray take up a lot of space. So Arin uses a pump bottle that can hold four liquid products at once.

You’ll also want to add a first-aid kit, complete with plenty of band-aids, a compact container with moist towelettes, a battery-operated handheld fan, and brush-on sunscreen to apply to the part in your hair.

With messy kids, hand sanitizer doesn’t always do the trick. So keep a roll of paper soap sheets on hand. All you do is tear a sheet off, activate it with water, and it becomes soap you can rub into your hands.

Oleg Breslavtsev – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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