She Has The Answer For How To Go About Getting Your Ex Back After You’ve Broken It Off With Them

Now, not contacting them isn’t just limited to calling, texting, or FaceTiming them. Interacting with them on any kind of social media platform is also forbidden.

“This includes liking photos, it includes liking Instagram stories,” she said. “You’re not gonna like anything of that person’s. You’re not gonna message them in any way, shape, or form.”

Essentially, step one is having absolutely no form of contact with the person. The next step is about disappearing– but only from online platforms.

“You’re not literally disappearing,” Sophie said. “You should still be hanging out with your friends and family–doing all that good stuff–but you are gonna disappear from social media.”

Disappearing from social media means in every kind of way imaginable–absolutely no activity online.

“You’re not gonna post [on] Instagram, you’re not gonna post Facebooks, you’re not gonna post stories, you’re not gonna post on Snapchat,” she said. “Completely disappear from social media.”

This is not to say, however, that having social media accounts isn’t allowed–it is. You just can’t actually be active on them by posting anything. This may all seem so extreme to some. Why take a hiatus from social media at all? Well, the answer lies in the reaction of your ex. It’s the one thing that is going to pique their interest in you again.

“At this point, the other person is going crazy,” she said. “You are two months ahead of them because you are processing it, doing what you love, got that haircut, going to the gym…whatever it is. And they’re just curious where you’re at.”

Honestly, it’s a power trip that you can hold over them. You’re in control of this situation, and although you’re trying to get them back, you are going to control how it happens.

“You’re not begging for them, and then also they’re not seeing anything of you,” she said. “You are valued, and you must be earned.”

All of that is only step two. There are still two more steps to Sophie’s elaborate ‘get your ex back’ plan.

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