She Hasn’t Always Had The Best Relationship With Her Social Media Addict Mom, But Things Got Heated After Her Mom Announced Her Pregnancy Before She Did

Thankfully, the hospital staff could tell she didn’t want her mom there and only let her fiancé into the room. 

She and her fiancé returned to the doctor a few days ago for another ultrasound, and she made sure not to tell her mom when the appointment would be. However, her mom got the details from her sister and got to the doctor’s office before she did for the appointment. 

“When it was time to call my fiancé in, I was surprised to see my mother pulled in instead,” she recalled. “I found out she bullied my fiancé into letting her go.”

Her mom immediately began taking photos during the ultrasound appointment. She told her mom in front of the doctor that if she saw any of those photos on social media, she’d tell the doctor’s office security not to let her into the building ever again. 

The threat didn’t phase her mom, who posted photos from the appointment the next morning.

“I lost it and went off and called her an attention seeker,” she remembered. “She’s bulldozing her way into appointments just for videos and photos she can post online. But I know the minute the baby is born, and we need help, she will not help.”

Her mom became hostile and accused her of having bottled up resentment from the past, which is not true. Instead, she’s angry with her mom for her current behavior.

Was she wrong for calling her mom an attention seeker, or was she right to be angry?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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